Playlist 12/07/2016


Balcanes – Masada (from the upcoming Carne Nueva album, 09/2016)
Balcanes – Plataforma
Fasenuova – Siempre Siempre
Blutch – Above My Roof
No Form – Untitled
Reutoff – Land of Outcasts
Ashtoreth – Channeling: My Triumph / Requiem
Mansion – California Priest
X – I don’t Wanna Go Out
The Wipers – Potential Suicide
Yes I’m Leaving – Creepyman
Half Goon – Limp Basquiat
Onmens – Motherly Bruised

We end each episode with the closing track of an excellent album. This week:
Blutch – The White Face Shade
(Enjoy Your Flight, 2001 – Delboy Records)


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